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Sam Gurdus

Director of Customer Delight at AdRoll


Sam Gurdus
Sam Gurdus is currently Director of Customer Delight at AdRoll. From a young age, Sam only wanted three things: 1) NBA roster spot 2) Less facial hair 3) Delight. Numbers one and two never happened. Three did. Assisting advertisers of the world in finding the solutions they need is key to the Customer Delight team's success. But that's not where the experience ends. They also promote industry education, product feedback and ultimate scale/global domination. These factors play a leading role in AdRoll's culture. We strive for more than simple customer service and satisfaction. We intend to delight. When not at AdRoll HQ, Sam enjoys playing basketball, watching basketball, live music, elaborate handshakes and the occasional hot-cap-steak-and-egg over at Giordano Bros in North Beach.


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