This week, AdRoll will be joining top travel executives for the largest and most influential travel, tourism, and hospitality conference, PhoCusWright Conference! With the holiday season upon us, ‘Rollers will be providing plenty of holiday retargeting tips and tricks specific to the industry.

Here are a few top strategies on how retargeting can complement your current travel marketing:

Utilize Cookie Durations Based on Seasonality

For travel, the seasons matter! As you’re setting up your retargeting campaign, you want to account for the time of the year and create cookie durations that match with your company’s booking and sales cycle. If it normally takes consumers 60 days after visiting your website to book, then make sure that you have at least a 60 day cookie duration for retargeting ads. With the holiday season quickly approaching and a regular surge in travel website traffic, setting a longer cookie duration now will give you more customers to retarget and upsell during your next low season.

Find Your Holiday Shoppers

 If you offer holiday deals and promotions, create a retargeting holiday campaign. You can capture the user list for users who visit your holiday deals page and add any loyal customers who have purchased deals in the past. Then retarget them with your holiday deal ads to increase conversions.

Re-engage Them Everywhere

 Make sure that you’re using a retargeting partner that runs cross network to engage your customers wherever they go on the web. A large misconception is  that users are only willing to book when they are viewing travel-related websites. Whether your customer is visiting Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, or Facebook, it’s important to continue the conversation. With the opening of the Facebook Exchange (FBX), travel marketers can now re-engage previous site visitors with a compelling and relevant Facebook ad unit.

For more tips, be sure to attend the “Startups: Up Close and Personal” workshop featuring our President, Adam Berke, on Wednesday, November 14th at 10:15 AM. Not attending PhoCusWright Conference? We have you covered!  Register to watch the webinar live or on-demand video.