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[Study] AdRoll’s 2016 Marketing Research Report Finds 66% of Marketers Plan to Increase Programmatic Ad Spend

Today AdRoll published its 2016 State of the Industry Report, a survey of 1,050 global marketers that offers their perspective on the changing advertising and marketing landscape. The in-depth annual report gives unprecedented insight into how marketers see the future of programmatic advertising, retargeting, email...

Instagram’s Feed Has Changed—What That Means for Marketers

Instagram announced in March that it would refine its reverse-chronological feed structure. Here's what marketers need to know.

5 Tips for Aligning Product and Product Marketing

A well-connected product marketing and product management team can make the difference between a product portfolio with hockey-stick growth and one that flops.

AdRoll’s Cross-device Functionality Unifies Fragmented Customer Journeys

We’ve been hard at work developing a cross-device solution that better understands who’s who as users interact with a brand across multiple devices.

5 Reasons Your Email Subscribers Are Not Converting (and How to Change That)

After speaking with dozens of marketers about their email marketing performance, I’ve pinpointed five reasons why emails don’t convert.

Q&A: Meet Steve Zisman, One of the Brains Behind AdRoll’s Performance Algorithms

We talked to Steve Zisman—AdRoll’s Principal Product Manager for programmatic advertising products, including our BidIQ algorithm.

Bring the Customer Journey Together With New Full-Funnel Reporting

Many marketers are familiar with the age-old model of full-funnel marketing: you start with a large audience at the top, and then over time and with further engagement is whittled down to a smaller group that converts into customers at the bottom. Often times, it’s...

Building an API to Control Humans

The AdRoll Design Squad solves an obvious problem for our customers. Don’t have ads? We’ll give you ads. Want more ads? We’ll give you more ads. AdRoll has had a design team for years, but previously customers—almost all internal—could only make requests with Salesforce or...

Customer Corner: Why We’re Going to Feature Real, Live Human Beings In Our Ads

Our ads do very well relative to benchmarks, but we don’t feel like we’re reaching our potential. We—at TreeRing, a custom yearbook company—put our customers first, but why don’t our ads start with the customer? We didn’t have a good answer, so, we decided our...

Performance-boosting Dynamic Product Ads Available for Shopify Users

No two shoppers are the same. Why then, should different shoppers see the same ads? Dynamic product ads allow advertisers to create relevant, custom ads based on each site visitors’ shopping behavior—at scale. Starting today, Shopify customers can launch these ads on Facebook—the largest social...

Ad Tech in Plain English: How Retargeting Works on the Web, Mobile Devices and Social Media

The terminology and technology behind retargeting is intimidating. Ad exchanges, programmatic purchasing and confusing acronyms like CTC, CPM and CTR can create a high barrier of entry for curious marketers. Thankfully, the work involved in running a retargeting campaign is simple and intuitive. For those...

AdRoll’s New BoardRoll Disrupts This Age-old, Fast-Moving Industry

The digital divide has separated physical sign-based promotions and programmatic advertising for years. Now, AdRoll has developed a new product designed to unify the digital and physical: BoardRoll. AdRoll engineers have painstakingly mapped the strategies of the nation’s top poster board dancers to identify the...