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[Study] AdRoll’s 2016 Marketing Research Report Finds 66% of Marketers Plan to Increase Programmatic Ad Spend

Today AdRoll published its 2016 State of the Industry Report, a survey of 1,050 global marketers that offers their perspective on the changing advertising and marketing landscape. The in-depth annual report gives unprecedented insight into how marketers see the future of programmatic advertising, retargeting, email...

FBX to Close in November—AdRoll Campaigns on Facebook Will Continue As Usual

Earlier today, Facebook announced that it would be closing Facebook Exchange (FBX), its real-time bidding inventory. While FBX will be sunsetting November 1, 2016, AdRoll clients will not have to take any action, and your campaigns will continue to run as normal. FBX was a...

[Australia] End of Financial Year is the Time to Boost Those Budgets

I’ve worked as an account manager in the advertising industry for five years, and in that time I’ve seen a few trends come and go. Among them are the heightened conversion rates for retail and finance businesses in Australia at the end of the financial...

Q&A: Social Tables’ David Goodman on Display Advertising and the Upside of Ad Blocking

We sat down with David Goodman, Digital of Marketing Manager at Social Tables, to discuss his experience in digital marketing and lead generation.

How to Lock in a CPC Target for Your AdRoll Web Campaign

We’ve taken a big step forward in making it easier for anyone to launch expertly optimized campaigns that hit your exact performance goals, served up with the transparency and control that you count on from AdRoll.

[Australia] Capturing Online Attention—The Importance of Multi-channel Display Marketing

The time we spend online is spread across multiple devices, whether on our work computers reading the news or our smartphones scrolling through updates on Facebook’s app. It’s been well documented that we’re shifting our attention from device to device throughout the day. This cross-device reality...

[Guide]: The Blended Attribution Playbook is Out Now

Attribution’s complexity has left marketers with a lot of unanswered questions. In light of those unanswered questions, we're excited to announce the release of AdRoll's Blended Attribution Playbook.

[Customer Corner] Credibly’s Director of Demand Generation on Re-engaging Financial Tech Customers

We sat down with John Kim, Director of Acquisition Marketing at Credibly, to discuss his 10 years of experience in demand generation and acquisition marketing. John is a data-driven marketer focused on driving results with the highest ROI campaigns. AdRoll: Tell us about Credibly.  What’s...

Instagram’s Feed Has Changed—What That Means for Marketers

Instagram announced in March that it would refine its reverse-chronological feed structure. Here's what marketers need to know.

5 Tips for Aligning Product and Product Marketing

A well-connected product marketing and product management team can make the difference between a product portfolio with hockey-stick growth and one that flops.

AdRoll’s Cross-device Functionality Unifies Fragmented Customer Journeys

We’ve been hard at work developing a cross-device solution that better understands who’s who as users interact with a brand across multiple devices.

5 Reasons Your Email Subscribers Are Not Converting (and How to Change That)

After speaking with dozens of marketers about their email marketing performance, I’ve pinpointed five reasons why emails don’t convert.

Q&A: Meet Steve Zisman, One of the Brains Behind AdRoll’s Performance Algorithms

We talked to Steve Zisman—AdRoll’s Principal Product Manager for programmatic advertising products, including our BidIQ algorithm.