March goals

I’ve worked as an account manager in the advertising industry for five years, and in that time I’ve seen a few trends come and go. Among them are the heightened conversion rates for retail and finance businesses in Australia at the end of the financial year.

If your business has been thinking about beginning retargeting or AdRoll Prospecting, now’s the time. If AdRoll is already a part of your digital stack, then this is the time to dig deep and find that extra $5K to $10K to help maximise the impact.


Customers are spending up big at sales across the country on everything from apparel to automotive. Using retargeting to keep front of mind with those who have shown intent on your site, or utilising AdRoll’s Prospecting offering, which uses a site’s first-party data to find act-alike customers, makes sense now more than ever.

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Now is the time when people are planning their next holiday and looking for credit cards to fund that experience. Or maybe their tax return has got them over the edge on that home deposit and they are looking to take out a home loan. Finance brands can use Prospecting to reach out to brand new customers and then use retargeting to convert potential customers who have shown intent.

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Happy EOFY!