Dashing through the year, working day and night, realise that Q3 began, yikes! Christmas is in sight!  The silly season is a frantic rush of managing multiple campaigns, luring in new leads and bringing in more revenue than last year. It’s far from the relaxed, quintessential summer postcard most people have in mind when thinking of the Southern Hemisphere in December.

Planning early, prospecting for new customers when CPMs are lower, and giving yourself time to iron out issues can take a lot of the stress and budgetary problems away.

Wait are you mad? It’s August!

The answer to that is no. Many of the big players in retail have had their Christmas campaigns locked and loaded for a couple of months already. And with 40% of Australians starting their Christmas shopping by mid-October, the earlier you get your brand and products in front of new customers the better!

Never fear though! To take the horror out of this Christmas holiday season we’ve put together a brand new Christmas planning hub. You’ll find a range of materials including an in-depth whitepaper from us here at AdRoll and our friends from Bitly and Selz which looks at how to plan for Christmas, how and when to optimise, how to extend your reach with an influencer program and more.

The Holiday Calendar includes a heat map showing when the most cost effective times to purchase inventory are, a list of all the holidays that will affect sales in your organisation, and it can easily be added to your calendar with the click of a button.

The Checklist has all the pre-planning steps, analytics and trends you’ll need to make this Christmas holiday season a roaring success. It will keep you organized so that you don’t miss a single opportunity.

No matter the size of business you’re in, don’t leave your Christmas campaign planning to the last minute this year. No need to be overwhelmed, AdRoll’s got your back.