Chase Coddington - SDR

Meet Chase.

Chase is a member of AdRoll’s outstanding SDR team based in Sydney. Chase joined AdRoll Sydney in November 2015 and since then has regularly topped the global charts as one of our best-performing SDRs.

SDRs, sales development reps, are the first people whom someone interested in using AdRoll talks to. They need to know our products, what’s been happening in the industry and how to understand a marketer’s business—all from one phone call. Phew!

We caught up with Chase to find out how he does it all…

Q: Describe your typical day at AdRoll.

Chase: The first thing I discovered when I started working at AdRoll was that there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’. The only thing typical about my day is the ridiculous amount of fun I have!

If I had to try and break it down, I guess it would look something like this…

8:30am: Roll into AdRoll HQ. Greet my fellow Rollers, dodge Nerf gun bullets on the way to make breakfast and practise my latest dad joke on a few unsuspecting peeps.  

9am: Let the day begin! I always start the morning with a quick roundup with Kate, my manager, to discuss yesterday’s results, today’s goals and address any questions.

9:10am: Time to get stuck in. My role is to work with the new business managers to create new opportunities. I work closely with them to understand who’s on their hit list. I then research the clients, build prospective proposals and try to engage these.

11am: AdRoll Sydney is really into health and fitness. I usually wander down to Fitness First for IronRoll with a few of the gang.

Noon: It’s back to the office to grab a healthy lunch and check in on what’s been happening.

12:30pm: Continual learning is also a really important part of AdRoll’s ethos. After lunch, I’ll be in pitch trainings (where the whole team practise their pitches and share best practice) or taking an eLearning from more than 3,000 courses available in our online learning centre.

2pm: Afternoon sales time. As Rihanna says, ‘Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk’. I’m all about client outreach and setting up high-quality appointments for my senior executives.

4pm: I usually have a one-to-one each day with one of the senior sellers, an account manager or the solutions team. It’s really important that I understand what their goals are, the intricacies of the product and what’s coming up for the business.

5pm: PRT: Personal Reflection Time. This is a really important time in my day to think about how I did, what I learned and what I am going to do better tomorrow. AdRoll is a high-performance culture and that’s something that I take seriously.

5:30pm: AdRoll has a huge range of extracurricular activities, so I’m usually joining in on one of those. Over the last six months, we’ve done paddleboarding, trampoline dodgeball, wine tasting, a panic room escape and axe throwing. Pretty damn fun if you ask me.

Q: What gets you excited to come to work in the morning?

Chase: The people. It’s surreal working in an environment filled with so many genuine, talented and passionate people. Every day at AdRoll is different and brings new challenges, as well as new opportunities to learn and grow. I am extremely fortunate to be on this journey with some incredible people that I can also laugh with and call my friends.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about working with AdRoll?

Chase: I can see every day how my work is having an impact and contributing to the success of AdRoll APAC. It’s rare, particularly at a junior level, that you really get to feel like you are helping to shape this company’s destiny. It’s a great feeling of fulfillment!

Q: If I weren’t an SDR at AdRoll, I would be…

Chase: A fireman. I have a huge amount of respect for people in the emergency services who are putting themselves in danger on a daily basis to help others. Also, riding around in a fire truck would be awesome.

AdRoll Sydney currently has openings in its SDR team! If you’re interested in joining the AdRoll, click here to see what opportunities are available.