AdRoll Spirit Week is a chance to celebrate the core values that make up our company. Every Roller in every office, from San Francisco, New York, London, Dublin, Tokyo, and all the way to my home office in Sydney are divided into teams that reflect our company spirit animals.

  • Team Owl: Hire great people and help each other grow
  • Team Jellyfish: Be open and authentic
  • Team Bee: Build innovative products that work for lots of people
  • Team Dog: Do right by the customer and community
  • Team Monkey: Take work seriously but not ourselves
  • Team Beaver: Do more with less

Once these teams are made, it’s game on. And for the Sydney office whose competitiveness in everyday work life would rival Usain Bolt in the 100m’s, losing was not an option.

This year was my first experience with a spirit week, and while my team, Team Bee, came in second-last (or 4th Runner-Up as I like to say), I had a great time along the way. My first experience with the sheer competitiveness that makes up Spirit Week came on Monday morning when we were expected to hunt for a full set of miniature figurine Spirit Animals hidden around the office.

There I was, sitting at my desk, when suddenly I noticed a small monkey atop a TV screen. Slowly I began to walk over, trying not to draw too much attention to myself, as to not startle or alert anyone to the prize. Then out of nowhere our People Manager, Michelle lept up and began to sprint towards the monkey like Bolt off the blocks! I began to run but she had the head start and before I knew it I was about to collide into her. Thankfully, we both survived the near-miss crash, but I’ll never forget the feeling of loss for that monkey.

That (albeit dramatized) encounter set up for what would be an extremely competitive week of long-distance rowing, basketball hoop shooting, Mario-Kart racing, and of course an Ugly-Cake competition. The latter being where Team Bee shone. Our cake was beyond ugly and took the top prize.

The thing that I learned about Spirit Week is something that I think I will take into working life moving forward; one small win in an ugly cake making competition does not necessarily equal overall success. Success comes with consistent teamwork and effort combined with a lot of fun along the way.

I’ll be looking forward to Spirit Week next year as it’s a real chance to see AdRoll values in action. Until then I’ll be in deep preparation, meditation and study so I’m ready for whatever challenge 2018 Spirit Week brings.