AdRoll published its first-ever global report, the State of Marketing Attribution, in October, but what does this mean for Australian marketers?

Of the 900+ marketers we spoke to, over 200 were Australian. They had some pretty clear thoughts on how attribution was playing out.

We’re still stuck on the click

When we conducted the survey for our Marketers and Attribution paper with AdNews in April 2016, only 66% of Australian marketers said they were measuring attribution. Now, 90% of Australian marketers report they are doing some form of attribution. That’s a huge increase.

Unfortunately, eighteen months hasn’t moved the needle on the type of attribution models Aussie marketers are choosing. The most popular attribution models remain first-click (44%) and last-click (28%), despite the fact that 100% of Australian marketers believe custom attribution is ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ effective.

Data, data, data everywhere

It’s clear Australian marketers are struggling with two attribution challenges in particular: the complexity of data (32%) and defining their customer journey (30%).

The majority of marketers have their data stored in different silos (e.g., CRM, agency, programmatic tools and third-party reporting) and the unpredictable and complex customer journey increases the problem. Customers move between online and offline on their path to purchase and it can be hard to measure at all, let alone to know how to weight its influence.

And we need more people to do the analysis

92% of Australian marketers say they struggle to attract the right talent for attribution modelling. That number is higher in Australia than anywhere else in the world.

Statistical modelling (35%) is the biggest skill gap that Australian marketing departments are facing, which is not surprising as marketing has traditionally not been tied to statistics, mathematics and mass data analysis. Campaign tracking is the second biggest skill gap (30%), though we didn’t dig into whether this is related to matching online to offline activity or to the increasing number of digital channels.

Overall, Australian marketers are keen and willing to implement attribution modelling, but the lack of time (50%) or knowledge (33%), as well as the limitations of technology (33%), are standing in their way.

Check out more stats from the full infographic below: