Dynamic Creative is the personalised gift of the advertising world. By understanding your customer’s specific browsing activity, AdRoll can develop dynamic ads automatically to show your potential customers product recommendations and top selling products based on the products they’ve previously shown interest in.

Essentially it’s like buying your mum an amazing book you know she’s wanted vs giving her a gift voucher for a book shop. Not only is this a more personal approach, but our internal data shows that on average dynamic creative ads have a 2x higher click-through rate and a 50% lower cost per acquisition than static ads.

If that example wasn’t enough to encourage you then perhaps these top reasons will:

  • Higher performance
  • Higher personalisation
  • Stronger brand consistency
  • Continually refreshed design

Running Dynamic Creative ads with AdRoll is a super simple process that businesses of all sizes can implement in a few simple steps.

Step One – Speak to your AdRoll rep

Step Two – Send over your site’s product feed

Step Three – Have the design wizards at AdRoll whip you up an on-brand layout

Step Four – Send live!



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