Social media advertising in Australia is growing faster than any other digital (or traditional) ad format—so fast that Australia’s social media ad spend is projected to reach $706.3 million by 2019.

So what’s got marketers so excited about advertising inventory where they have to compete with selfies and cat videos? It’s simple: social networks allow brands to have a two-way conversation with extremely engaged consumers. And Australian consumers are very engaged.

A recent study showed that almost a quarter of every hour Australians spend on the internet is spent on social networking sites, demonstrating a massive shift in media consumption. When brands were able to combine the power of profile data with programmatic ad buying, social got really valuable for performance marketers.

Today, some of the highest-performing ad campaigns are running on social platforms. In fact, 1 in 3 marketers list paid social media as one of their best-performing advertising channels.

What’s the hottest topic in retargeting?

Across the board, Australian marketers are excited about the possibilities of retargeting on social. This low-CPM ad space offers two-way consumer engagement—a highly engaging and effective form of communication for advertisers when combined with retargeting data.

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In Australia, marketers are rapidly outpacing the rest of the world in terms of digital programmatic growth, especially in traditionally low-performing channels like social media platforms and mobile. Marketers have pushed retargeting beyond a niche direct-response tactic and turned it into an intuitive toolset for turning customer intent data into successful ad strategies.

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