Whether you work for a growing FinTech startup or an established financial institution, executing the right programmatic display strategy WILL drive incremental conversions and shorten sales cycles. Don’t look at each marketing channel as an independent silo, but rather think of them as cogs in a wheel that need to be in sync to work effectively.
In this post, I will highlight how top global FinTech and finance brands  embrace this approach in leveraging their customer intent data to Attract, Convert and Grow their customer base.

  1. Prospecting: Attract new users that resemble your existing account holders

While “look-a-like” targeting is an established, effective strategy, at AdRoll, rather than relying on the data supplied by data exchanges, our Prospecting product focuses entirely on first-party data using the AdRoll IntentMap. With over 10,000 advertisers and 1.2bn digital profiles opted in for profiling, we’ve built the world’s largest data co-op, powered by a diverse set of customers across our B2B, B2C, and Retail segments. Check out this video to see how it works.

In 2016, Prospecting results with our finance partners were overwhelmingly positive, with both the cost of driving new users and CPCs averaging less than £1. And those users proved to be nearly 20-30% more engaged than those driven through other acquisition channels.

Metrics to measure success: Bounce Rate, Cost per New Visitor, CPC, Retargeting Reach, Lift in Overall Retargeting Conversions

  1. Retargeting: Convert window shoppers into clients

Once Prospecting and other upper funnel channels have succeeded in driving new users to a website, the baton is passed to our Retargeting product to nurture these users through the conversion funnel.

According to a ComScore study, retargeting was effective at driving direct conversions and increasing direct brand searches by 1046% – a clear indicator of the ability of retargeting to significantly influence other paid and organic channels.

An intelligent segmentation strategy and creative approach are key to retargeting success. With our finance partners, we recommend segmenting the entire conversion funnel to identify new users from existing account holders and to cookie each user based on their level of conversion intent. AdRoll is then able to leverage this data to deliver highly relevant retargeting messages across prime publisher inventories on desktop, mobile & tablet. As certified partners of Google AdX, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, BidSwitch plus many more, our FinTech partners can reach their users across key finance publisher sites such as WSJ.com, Forbes.com, Bloomberg.com, Reuters.com, Investing.com and BusinessInsider.com. Beyond to display, we also support email retargeting through our proprietary SendRoll product.

Metrics to measure: Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  1. Retargeting: Grow Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value of dormant customers

When is a conversion really a conversion? An account sign-up, a download or a first deposit is just the start of the journey. And with customer graduation rates exceeding beyond 30 days proving to be a big challenge in a hyper-competitive sector, you need to be laser-focused on this segment. AdRoll can help here.

In 2016 AdRoll played a big part in helping finance marketers retain existing account holders and grow lifetime value. As an example, we worked with many global financial-trading websites to target inactive traders (no trade >180 days) with targeted banners promoting bonus offers specific to their user segment. The result was an uplift in engagement greater than all other retention-based channels.

Metrics to measure: Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Lifetime Value

    4. Creative: Communicate differently at all stages of the funnel

Having the same message for a first time visitor and returning prospect just won’t cut it.

Think of CTA’s that will hook your users based on where they fall in your purchase funnel.  For new users, text such as “Learn more” or “Free Demo Account”  works well, whilst for retargeting, messaging such as “Complete your account now” or “Deposit Now” drives incrementality.

While universally acknowledged as being critically important for the insights it delivers,  A/B testing is something that is embraced by relatively few brands. One of the major blockers can be access to a fast, reliable, cost-effective source of creative. With our own in-house creative team, AdRoll is here to help. And we view creative as an opportunity to improve performance and not as a revenue stream.

So, if you’re a finance brand marketer looking to Attract, Convert and Grow your customer base in the most data driven and cost-effective way, I encourage you to consider an enhanced programmatic display strategy.  At AdRoll we enable brands to do this. Get in touch today.